ethra program

A program that aims, in general, to enrich the cognitive aspects of children, and is intended for children aged 10-14 years, males and females. The Ithra program plans to achieve its goals by implementing a series of educational trips to cooperative centers specialized in this field, as coordination is coordinated with them to receive children to spend Educational hours in which scientific materials are presented in an interesting way in various types of knowledge, with the aim of satisfying children’s cognitive curiosity and stimulating their interactive activity to acquire the principles of various applied and theoretical sciences, which increases their scientific wealth and achieves more hierarchical growth of their cognitive experiences.

The current plan of the program aims to visit a number of educational and cultural facilities and centers that provide various doses of knowledge. With the program’s interest in providing scientific materials related to what modern science has reached, there is also an interest in rooting students’ knowledge about the environment, history and biology, and there is no doubt that this diversity serves The need to build the child’s personality in an integrated, balanced manner that meets the requirements of his future life. On the other hand, it meets the diversity in children’s tendencies and helps them focus more in the scientific field that they aspire to specialize in later.

The current plan of the Ithra program includes a visit to the following facilities….

  • 1) Natural History Museum / Ministry of Heritage and Tourism, Muscat, Al Khuwair

    To learn more about the museum and historical content, click here.

  • 2) Children’s Public Library / Muscat, Qurum

    To learn more about the library and scientific content, click here.

  • 3) Stemazone Initiative headquarters, Children’s Museum / Crimea

    To learn more about the initiative and its scientific content, click here.

  • 4) Planetarium, Petroleum Development Oman, Muscat / Qurum,  

    To learn more about the Planetarium and its scientific content, click here.

  • 5) Military Museum, Muscat, Bait Al Falaj

  • To learn more about the Military Museum and its historical content, click here

  • 6) Al Numan Park and Zoo, Al Batinah South, Barka

    To learn more about Al-Numan Park, and its scientific content,  click here

  • Important / To know the terms and conditions for children’s participation in the Ithra program, click here.

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