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Mother’s Day Celebration (Free Event)


The Mother’s Day Celebration is one of the major events organized by the Bonero platform for motherhood, childhood and the elderly, and the event comes with the support of private sector institutions, and is organized at the level of the governorates of the Sultanate, provided that the targeted governorates are announced in the current plan at a later time, and the event also comes under the supervision and cooperation In full with the concerned official authorities, a number of distinguished mothers are honored in the event according to specific criteria to be announced later. The event may also include a lecture by a specialist and an artistic presentation presented by one of the governorate’s schools.


The Ponero platform hopes that the event will achieve the following objectives

Implementing a proper celebration of Mother’s Day, emphasizing the importance of her role and the appreciation of community institutions for this role.
Honoring a number of mothers in the province in appreciation of their efforts in the field of family and raising children.

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